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The Howard Club of SW Florida honors Dr. Lisa Merritt withThe Howard Club’s Community Service Award

(Sarasota, FL May 2, 2022) — On Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 5:00 pm in the Courtyard of the Ringling Museum, the Howard Club presented a reception honoring Dr. Lisa Merritt and awarded her The Howard Club’s Community Service Award. Dr. Merritt is an alumnus of Howard University College of Medicine and a member of the Howard club which has provided thousands of dollars of scholarship support to area students over the years.

Dr. Lisa Merritt has made numerous contributions to the communities in Sarasota and Manatee County focusing on the health needs of minority populations.

Founded in 1995 by Lisa Merritt, MD, The Multicultural Health Institute (MHI) focuses on health disparities, their effect on our nation's citizens, and the positive economic impact of health education, nutrition, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The essence of MHI's work embodies principles of service, empowerment, and collective community effort.

Dr. Merritt said, “I have always been a healer and someone who tried to bring the best out of people. I come from a diverse multicultural background which provided a unique perspective in the founding of the Multicultural Health Institute.”

Her professional experience and international exposure have significantly impacted her current views and practices on healthcare and wellness. The pervasive health disparities existing in our country have instilled a desire to share this knowledge.

During this award presentation, Michelle Jones, The Howard Club of SW Florida’s chairperson for the Membership Committee, delivered a powerful and heartfelt speech recognizing Dr. Merritt’s immeasurable community impact. During her speech, Jones identifies, “Her [Dr. Lisa Merritt's] work and commitment have helped thousands. She goes on to say, “She is a pillar of strength.”

Photo Credit: Malcolm Lewis Barnes, Class of 1973

Michelle Jones Secretary, Howard Club

Lisa Merritt MD Executive Director MHI

Barry Hargraves President Howard Club

Steven High Director The Ringling Museum

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