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The healing circle- Stress Management

The theme of this month's healing circle was stress management and cardiovascular health. Hosted by the Back to the Beat organization, it involved a conversation about how we handle stress during the pandemic. To disconnect and refocus our thoughts, there was a Zoom session held and a stress reduction activity that involved participants to express how they were feeling in the moment with art. Each participant was asked to fill out a palm-size circle canvas made of cloth and draw something they would do to avoid stress during the holidays. These small circle canvases were then compiled to create one large, abstract, artistic piece. Thanks to Helen Neal-Ali, members in the healing circle also got to learn how they could maintain their health with 10 healthy guides. These guides consisted of tips for stress management and coping with the pandemic. Participants will be sent holiday cards with a picture of the large, compiled canvas, as a reminder that staying healthy and stress free are important. In addition to these activities, event goers were also able to enjoy and de-stress with relaxing music played by Cheeko, a cellist in the Sarasota Orchestra.

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