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MHI fervently seeks to close this health equity gap through promoting, educating, and ensuring equal healthcare access because when the most vulnerable are healthier, it improves the health and productivity of the entire community.


In 2023, MHI has attended more than 124 events, encountering more than 4,477 individuals, and assisting more than 219 people with care coordination and navigation. We launched a youth-oriented environmental ambassador program engaging 30 underrepresented students and a Veterans “Nature and Nurture” environmental therapeutic engagement project to address disproportionate veteran suicide and mental health challenges. 

Through our PEARLS approach to care, below are just a few of the programs we have created and grown to bridge the gap of health equity in our community and throughout the United States:

Care Coordination Training Program

Our community navigators and safekeepers assist vulnerable individuals in accessing essential healthcare and resources, resulting in over 700 community referrals to date.

Community Outreach

In 2023, MHI has been able to attend more than 124 events, encounters with more than 4,477 individuals, and assist more than 239 people with care coordination and navigation this year alone.

Hurricane Relief

We collaborated with various organizations to ensure vulnerable communities had access to vital resources during Hurricane Ian and in anticipation of subsequent storms like Idalia, including medical supplies, prescription refills, equipment, virtual information sessions, and timely updates.


Our program supports underrepresented students pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Health, providing educational support, community connections, and training for tomorrow’s health leaders.

Navigator Program

New in 2022, this program helps individuals facing digital landscape challenges access free and low-cost devices and internet.

Diabetes Prevention and lifestyle improvement

Six team members trained in the CDC-approved Prevent T2 Lifestyle Prevention Program are actively educating participants in a year-long program, aiming to reduce healthcare costs and improve health outcomes.




Be Stronger Together with MHI


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