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Diabetes Resources

  • 5.8 million Children and adults in the United States (8.3% of the population) have diabetes.

  • 18.8 million People in the United States have been diagnosed as having diabetes.

  • There are approximately 7.0 million undiagnosed people with diabetes in the United States.

  • 1.9 million New cases of diabetes have been diagnosed in people aged 20 years and older in 2010 in the United States.

  • African American adults are twice as likely as non-Hispanic white adults to have been diagnosed with diabetes by a physician.

  • 2.6 percent of non-Hispanic blacks in the United States have been diagnosed as having diabetes.

  • In 2006, African American men were 2.2 times as likely to start treatment for end-stage renal disease related to diabetes, as compared to non-Hispanic white men.

  • In 2006, diabetic African Americans were 1.5 times as likely as diabetic Whites to be hospitalized.

  • In 2006, African Americans were 2.3 times as likely as non-Hispanic Whites to die from diabetes.

  • African Americans with diabetes are more likely to develop diabetes complications and experience greater disability from the complications than white Americans with diabetes.

  • Death rates for people with diabetes are 27 percent higher for African Americans compared with whites.

Good control of Diabetes starts with good nutrition

An estimated 88 million American adults have prediabetes. Click the button above to find out if you or a loved one are one of them.

Online Resources to Explore


Anit Ford, MD (3920 Bee Ridge Rd, Bldg. E Site H (2nd Floor) 941-926-8855)

Jose Antunes, MD (2400 Fruitville Rd 941-365-0333)

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