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Musculoskeletal References & Resources


Online References  Videos suggested arthritis exercises. Suggested arthritis-friendly activities.

The United States Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI), through their Experts in Arthritis program, has released 3 new animated videos to aid in their efforts to educate the public about taking control of arthritis.

American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation list of patient friendly organizations.  Exercise programs often part of insurance wellness programs. Nutritional suggestions.


Local Rheumatology, Ortho, P.T., D.C. Practitioners and Facilities   888.832.7458   941. 365.0770    941.363.9000   E.W. college of Traditional Chinese Medicine SMH Institute for Advanced Medicine 5880 Rand Blvd ½ Mi W of  I75, 941-917-5111    Chair Yoga, Zumba, Balance and Stretch YMCA aquatic programs

Shallow water directed activities, Aquatic Yoga, Aqua Lite 230-330, Aqua Flex and Flow, Phase 1 Ask Dr. Lisa-2nd Tuesday Monthly, Calendar of activities include support groups, tai chi, Qi Gong. Phone: 941-366-2224  Senior Friendship Centers   Balance Falls Prevention, Stride Strengthen and Stretch, Intermediate Yoga. Phone: 941-955-2122

Elite Medical Health Tai Chi, Yoga- Call: (941) 549-8455; Text: (201) 250-9332; Email:

Zumba-Lena Porter: (941) 315-6868

Medical Department Store-Rodger Smith (941) 270-7309

Beach Yoga Siesta Beach


Senior Resource Links

Elder care and senior services - Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida

Florida Department of Elder Affairs



Positive Aging Project

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02-12-12 Relationships Links and Resources

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03-19-15 Brain Health Links and Resources


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10-16-14 Heart Health Links and Resouces


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12-11-14 - Pain Management and Falls Prevention Links and Resources

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Positive Aging Health and Wellness Series: Nhi Nguyen Personal Experience
Date Attended: 01/22/2014 Duration: 2:30 – 5:30


I helped a very sweet lady named Ms. Davis this time. She had trouble with adding contacts in her phone, texting, and taking pictures. I assisted Ms. Davis by showing her every step that goes a long with the processes. While I helped Ms. Davis, Tatiana Jeune (my classmate) wrote down all of the steps so Ms. Davis would know what to do the next time. We had a lot of fun helping Ms. Davis; she would laugh at her-self every time she messed up. I also learned many lessons from her. She told me, “Get yourself established” and “don’t party too much in college to the point where you don’t have a decent grade”. She shared her story of how she had to drop out of high school because she was the only one who could be a caregiver to her grandmother (who was suffering from a stroke at that time). I think that Ms. Davis is very inspiring. I was once a caregiver for my grandfather, and I can understand her situation. However, she had to drop out of school, which is something I never would have the braveness to do.



I was amazed by the facts that were presented. I truly love science and the medical aspect of the human body, so it was majorly fascinating to me. What struck me the most is how Florida is the 29th most obese state in the U.S. Even though it’s not in the top 10, it’s still horrifying. Obesity can lead to diabetes and in a lot of cases death. I learned that diabetes is a chronic disease that can affect the heart in destructive ways and can even lead to kidney failure. I especially liked learning about how our body gets glucose from carbohydrates. Insulin is made by our pancreas to let the glucose into our cells. In type 2 diabetes, our body secretes less insulin than required. Another thing is that when the sugar level drops, the liver starts to add sugar to stabilize the level. Our body, to me, is like a scale. Whenever there’s not enough of one thing, our bodies try to stabilize it back again.  In addition, learning about neurotransmitter imbalance was very interesting to me; there is a chemical side to cravings. An imbalance makes you never feel full enough. All in all, I really enjoyed this session. It was very informative and fascinating.