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STEAMH Pipeline

The Multicultural Health Institute recognizes the immense talent that lies waiting in African American communities. As an organization, one of our primary goals is to highlight and facilitate that talent. The STEAMH (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Health Careers) Pipeline does just that. We make our resources, knowledge and skills available to Black and Brown youth who express an interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, math or health. We do our best to guide students to success!


MHI Scholars

MHI Scholars participate in our summer program where college, high school and middle school students have the opportunity to learn from hands on experience of assisting at a physician office. Students are exposed to careers in the medical field and ongoing access to careers mentors, academic and career planning.


Activities include curriculum planning, test prep, research on internships and scholarships, peer-to-peer counseling and provision of other educational resources and study materials. We offer over 21 activities in the aforementioned programs and general community health outreach. In just one summer we had 7 students participate in the MHI Scholar program, who collectively logged over 374 hours in service and training! Reach out today to become the next MHI Scholar! 



One huge aspect of the MHI Scholars project is to provide the necessary resources that allow for our students to get ahead of the game. This includes pursuing a myriad of scholarships. Click the Resources link above to access an alphabetical list of scholarships available!

Reference Guide For High School Summer Programs, Volunteering, Mentoring, College Scholarships And Other Academic Points of Interest For Aspiring High School Students of Color






Guide to Scholarships for

New Americans and Minorities



Summer Camp 2019

We had the honor of having a group of aspiring STEAMH professionals in our Summer Camp. Our STEAMH summer camp program is designed for middle and high school students interested in pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering, arts, math and health. We had a wonderful group of five students, each looking for their own niche in these fields. With the help of a generous donation from the Sierra Club, MHI was able to offer scholarships to youth in need in the community. Each day was filled with hands-on learning, independent projects, scientific explorations and – of course –

a healthy lunch and snack.

We spent a little time our the first day learning about our Scholar's aspirations and sharing ideas on how best to make those dreams into reality. Rising middle school through college students discussed why it is essential to take science classes and the types of classes needed to pursue their interests in careers like architecture, the beauty industry, dentistry and medicine. Students also got to "Get their hands dirty" and put together a class "EarthBox," a self contained growing unit. We planted beans, cilantro and broccoli and watched them sprout into life for the remainder of the month.  

Special thanks to all of our speakers:

Cris Costello, Lewis Dean, Theodore Washington, Dennis Brock, Lorna Alston, Christina Quiggly, and Tracie Troxler.


Thank you to the Sierra Club!

STEAMH Camp Gallery

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