Current Programs & Services from The Multicultural Health Institute (MHI)

ABC Value Based Care Heart Screening Event

February 7, 2020 , MHI, Association of Black Cardiologists, AKA Sorority, FSU nursing students and New Town Farmer’s Market held a day long, Value Based Care Heart Screening event for the community.  This free event began at Multicultural Health Institute’s office in the Selby Goodwill building in New Town at 2:00 PM.

There were six stations set up throughout the building and participants went through each station. They began at the Welcome/Sign in station where they completed screening forms and received a coupon good at New Town Farmer’s Market for fresh fruits and vegetables:

Welcome/Sign In area: Participants welcomed by Unitarian Universalist church, Sarasota volunteers.



They then proceeded through the station for Echocardiogram. The results were explained and any questions answered by Dr. John Fontaine, Professor of Medicine, Director of arrhythmia Services, Drexel University.

They then went to the stations for Weight/BMI, EKG, Blood Pressure and then to the Nurse Advisor Table where they could have any questions answered and receive information on linkage to care, health information and community resources. Art students encouraged stress management through creativity and virtual visualization /imagery links.

The very last station was the checkout table where volunteers made sure that each participant had received the screenings, health information, linkage to care and a gift bag with community resource information, a coupon to the New Town Farmer’s Market and a Valentine’s Day treat.

Thirty one participants were screened, received health information and linkage to care. 50% of those screened had Blood Pressure exceeding recommended guidelines and 25% of those screened had dangerously elevated blood pressure. Some previously undiagnosed heart abnormalities were also detected. There were 19 volunteers from middle schoolers to retirees, a total of 102 volunteer hours assisting to keep everything flowing smoothly throughout the day.



The day continued at the Booker Middle School where community members met several physicians of color who came to speak and inspire them on their wellness journeys at both MHI and Booker Middle School events. Several Doctors also encouraged STEAMH students at Booker High School.


SMH Health Kiosk Collaboration

MHI facilitated Sarasota Memorial Hospital System donation of an electronic health “kiosk” to the Robert L. Taylor Community Complex.

The interactive kiosk will be permanently installed and will be available for guests of the community complex to monitor their blood pressure and create their own personal health plans. Information about helpful health tips, ongoing support groups, health related community events and services at the hospital and throughout the community will be made available throughout the year.

MHI is pleased to partner with support from the Sierra Club for a summer "STEAMH (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, Health Sciences" experience. 

Join us this summer for an innovative STEAM learning experience! Summer STEAM is three weeks of curriculum designed to set high school students up for a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Prepare to capture data on our community's air quality, engage in hands-on chemistry experiments, and build your skills in earth science. Lunch is provided. 

MHI STEAM Career Awareness

STEAM - Science Technology Education Arts Mathematics initiative re-introduces Sarasota County school students to the real world of Medical Health Care through rich 'vocationally' visual, hands-on experiences. STEAM directs our young people's naturally inquisitive minds towards career paths that build on their internet research abilities, enact literacy skills; and, with self-evaluation (*) explore the healing arts- scientifically based career opportunities.  

The programs are provided through the MHI Scholars, Positive Aging Series, and the Booker HS “Know No Bounds STEAM” mentoring programs.


Reaching out to underrepresented students and schools throughout the Manasota region teaching about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and Health (STEAMH) careers and providing shadowing and internship opportunities via our MHI Scholars program.

In 2017, the MHI team logged 800 volunteer hours, held 4 quarterly events and collaborated on planning, recruitment, and support for 28 impactful health awareness activities. Donations like these helped to provide a successful Know No Bounds Tech Camp for-20 middle school students of color, and 5 student scholarships and externships. Three scholars have been accepted to medical school while another is preparing for 2 medical school interviews. Another just began her surgical residency with a long-term goal of vascular surgery and yet another has begun an internal medicine residency in Miami.


MHI Health & Wellness

Healing Circle

The program consists of a series of peer-led self-management group sessions to cover topics including stress management, brain health, nutrition, fitness, prevention of heart disease and cancer. The goal in these sessions is to provide health education and promote behavioral skills to help carry out the tasks necessary to live as well as possible. These skills include managing and monitoring symptoms, navigating health systems, and working with healthcare providers. The program will have a series of professionally-led group assemblies as well that will include guest speakers, stress management techniques, and group discussions to reach the goal of increasing health education. It is hoped with greater self-awareness and linkage to regular and culturally competent care, vulnerable populations will learn to blunt the effects of chronic disease; resulting in a decreased burden on local emergency rooms and increased participation in available effective programs offered in the community.

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