HR boy and father with aeroplane

HR boy and father with aeroplane

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Mental Health

Mental health is something that everybody struggles with and you’re not alone. Learning how to cope shouldn’t be an isolating event. No matter what you’re struggling with, there are people to help you. Learn more about mental health below!


1 in 25 million individuals in the United States struggle with getting out of bed, struggle with finding joyin their work or their hobbies. This is not a failing in their ability to enjoy life and if you struggle to find the desire to perform any tasks, you first need to know that you are not alone. Clinical depression does not need to be faced alone either, explore our links below to learn more about clinical depression and how you can rediscover the path to enjoy getting out of bed again.


Anxiety itself is discomfort to certain life experiences, like speaking in front of a crowd of people or facing a big final exam for school. However, when that feeling of nervousness becomes intense and prevalent throughout every activity one might do in a day, something bigger may be happening. If you experience life this way, you are not alone. Help exists for anxiety, and you don’t have to hesitate to explore our links below to learn more about anxiety and effective ways to reduce it from being so present in your everyday life.


If you struggle to go an extended period of time without having an alcoholic beverage, a type of medicine, or anything that makes you feel good on the inside, there is a chance you might have addiction. 1 in 7 Americans will experience addiction at some point in their lives and much of the time, it can be purely on accident. If left unchecked, you may find yourself needing more and more of a specific product in order to stave off some kind of negative feeling, like a headache or increased anxiety. If you notice this, don’t panic. Recognizing you might have addiction is an important first step in overcoming it and our resources below can help you find the assistance that will make that journey easier.



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was initially only affiliated with soldiers coming back home after experiencing the horrors of war. Additional research into PTSD has shown to us that this is not unique to the men and women of our armed forces, but in fact prevalent in the United States. Almost everyone has experienced something traumatic, such as the loss of a parent, a terrible car accident, or witnessing a distressing event. For some, the distress and horror of that event never seems to go away, this is not a sign of weakness and if you experience this, you are not alone. Most importantly, the road to recovering from PTSD does not have to be travelled alone either. Our links below can help educate you and find the assistance to help you along the way towards recovery.

Eating Disorders

Food can become more than just food to some people. It can become a source of joy or coping with anxiety or even the source of anxiety experienced in each day. Whether it’s the desire to eat whe bored or stressed or the lack of a desire to eat at all, recognizing that something might be wrong with one’s approach to food is the first step in understanding why and how to overcome it. If you are unsure whether you have an eating disorder but wonder if there is a possibility based on how much or little you eat, it does not hurt to explore our links below and educate yourself on the types of eating disorders that exist and the different people that can help you find the answer. Nothing has to be a solo journey and your questions and health matter.

Resources to Explore

American Cancer society

2970 University Parkway, Suite 104Sarasota, FL 34243


Florida department of health in sarasota

2200 Ringling BlvdSarasota, FL 34237


Tidewell Hopspice

5955 Rand BlvdSarasota, FL 34238


Center for building hope

5481 Communications ParkwaySarasota, FL 34240


Sarasota memorial health care system

STAR Cancer RehabilitationSTAR Referral & Information Line

941-917-STAR (7827)