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MHI Membership Benefits Program

When you make a gift to the MHI Community Fund, 100% of your donation is put towards health equity advocacy, MHI Scholars Program, and Culturally Representative Public Health Programing. 

When you make a gift to the MHI Community Fund, 100% of your donation is put towards:

  1. Health Equity Advocacy- Empowering the MHI to train local leaders to lead and advocate for health programs and services in the community,

  2. MHI Scholars Program- Providing training, mentorship, scholarship, and support to outstanding youth in our community that allows them to both give back to their community & equips them with the skills to become career-focused health leaders,

  3. Culturally Representative Public Health Programing- Florida continually ranks towards the bottom of public health metrics. The MHI helps to fill a critical gap that exists by providing health programing and services in everything from diabetes prevention workshops, to smoking cessation services.


The new membership program will allow the MHI to continue their critical work in the community, as well as give you access to an exciting range of benefits such as:

  1. Preferred access to MHI’s Lecture Series

  2. Exclusive access to health series featuring national experts of culturally-representative physicians.

  3. Discounted rates for tickets and registrations to MHI events.

  4. Access to MHI’s social network to post health related news, events, and job opportunities.


Act Before January 5th, 2023 and get early bird discounts on your annual membership:

  • Individual Membership: $75/Yearly ($60 Before January 5th)

  • Organizational Membership: $100/Year ($85 before January 5th)

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